How Much THC Is In This Joint?

Greetings blogees!

Got a great question from Dr. Rita McGuire of Healthy Place Botanicals about how to measure the percentage of cannabinoids tested per gram amount. So today, we’re talking dosage y’all!

Most labels on cannabis products found in cannabis dispensaries will have the percentage of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. You can use this info to calculate the milligrams of that cannabinoid per gram.

  1. Identify the percentage.
  2. Move the decimal one place to the right. This is the amount of mg per gram!

Let’s do an example:


This is 4.2 grams of Alien Rock Candy flower, testing at 30.39% THCA. (THCA is the acid form of THC, meaning it is not yet activated by heat. AKA, we haven’t smoked it yet.)

30.39%=303.9 mg THC per gram, we can round up to 304 mg/gram. There’s 4.2 grams in this container, making 72 mg THC/gram, so every half gram joint contains about 36 mg THC

What about cartridges? The measurements aren’t as precise because the dosage is per puff. Some people puff big, some puff small. I’m doing ok with examples so here’s *in DJ Khaled voice* another one!


So let’s say you have a .500mg cartridge with 86% CBD.Β  86%=860% mg CBD/gram, and 860/0.5=1720 mg CBD total. Let’s assume each cartridge takes 250 puffs to empty. 1720/250=6.88 mg CBD per puff. Nice!

Back to that acid talk earlier. So cannabinoids are in their acidic state until decarboxylated, meaning heated to the proper temperature to activate the potent components of the chemical compound. To make edibles, cannabis must be decarbed first before adding to the food, otherwise the psychoactive effects of THC won’t be felt. But improper decarbing greatly decreases the potency of cannabinoids. “For example, it is estimated that upwards of 70% of available THC is lost in the process of smoking cannabis in joint form,” states the Ardent Cannabis website. (Check out my #WCW post on Shanel Lindsay, the Founder and President of Ardent Cannabis here!)

Same goes with the temperature used to vape oil, dab concentrates, or heat flower to create butters and oils for edibles. Proper decarb methods lead to using less cannabis product and getting the same results. Explains why a small bong bowl rip (rip mean hit of the bong and the bowl is where the weed goes) can leave the consumer as elevated as an entire 1 gram joint.

Track your consumption! You’ve got the math, now explore different methods of consumption to reach more potent levels and fuller potential of cannabinoid activation. Stay tuned for dosing with edibles. Don’t you just love this stuff?



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