Sadica and Intiva?

Blogees, how familiar are you with sativa and indica cannabis strains? For the most part, sativa is recommended for daytime and gives a cerebral, uplifting high. Indica is basically opposite; recommended for nighttime, giving a relaxing, pain relieving body high that often results in sleep. Unfortunately, both types are labeled simply night time or day time, and the effects of indica or sativa are far more complex than that. Then there’s hybrids, a mixture of both, sometimes leaning towards sativa or indica and other times a perfect 50/50.

But what happens when EVERYTHING is a hybrid?

scared horror GIF

No need to fear, technically most strains are already hybrids. Why?

Because strains come from other strains that come from other strains. There aren’t too many original strains, otherwise known an landrace strains, in the cannabis world. That’s because different people want different effects, tastes, smells, etc from their cannabis. Additionally, if the same strain is grown in different environments, climates, or with different growing materials and light schedule, that strain will most likely have different affects on the consumer.

Let’s look at landrace strains, compliments of!


Hindu Kush cannabis strain

Afghani cannabis strain

Lashkar Gah cannabis strain

Mazar I Sharif cannabis strain


Lamb's Bread cannabis strain

King's Bread cannabis strain


Acapulco Gold cannabis strain


Swazi Gold cannabis strain

Kilimanjaro cannabis strain

Durban Poison Cannabis strain

Malawi cannabis strain

South and Central America

Panama Red cannabis strain

Colombian Gold


Aceh cannabis strain

Thai cannabis strain

Chocolate Thai cannabis strain

Let’s take Gorilla Glue #4, a lovely sativa-dominant hybrid birthed from Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. The #4 part was given to the phenotype of Gorilla Glue, and is to this day so popular it coined the name GG4 and has won numerous awards for best strain world wide. So why do some people insist it’s an indica-dominant strain? Well, GG4 is known for its deep body locking effects plus psychedelic head high. Indica is related mostly to body high, so maybe this well known sativa-dominant hybrid to most is an indica to others. In cannabis, this is happening with many strains, blurring the lines of what is truly indica and sativa.

In cannabis, there are over 100 cannabinoids, with the two most popular being THC and CBD. Now, with strains heavy in THC, the daytime or nighttime characteristic can be determined by if the consumer responds to that heavy level of psychoactivity and body relief. Or if the strain is CBD based, which is great for any time of the day, even if the strain has been grown/classified as a sativa or indica. And if a sativa has even a small amount of CBN (I call this cannabinoid CBNightNight because it knocks you out), some consumers will react to that effect and boom, we have an indica folks!

Terpenes have a huge role in this mixup also. There are many sativa strains that contain myrcene, which is a relaxing terpene also found in mangoes. RELAXING. Does the strain stil give the consumer energy, or uplifting effects? Probably, but once a sativa starts feeling like an indica-dominant hybrid, is it really a sativa? The healing benefits of terpene combinations don’t help the puzzle either. Indicas are known to relieve extreme body pain, but sativas are excellent with headaches, cramps and nausea. Do you think someone is going to turn down the relief of a bad headache because they don’t want to be energized? Probably not. And with that need for relief, the lines of sativa and indica are thoroughly blurred.

We are living in a world of hybrids people, so learn your terpenes and cannabinoids so the next strain works for you, regardless of time of day, and always regarding how you want to feel!

Go get some sunshine blogees, enjoy the day!

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