#WCW-The Dank Duchess

Hello and High my lovely loyal blogees! Today is of course Women in Cannabis Wednesday and this week’s#WCW is internationally recognized cannabis cultivator, hashmaker, and writer, The Dank Duchess! Click below to see why her motto is, “My niche is Hashish. And cannabis flower fuels my power.”

From The Dank Duchess:

“Believing that intentional and mindful cannabis use will indeed change our society, she applies her 15 years of growing experience and priceless mentorship under Master Hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli to fully immerse herself in the global cannabis industry. She has penned more than 25 feature length articles about Hashish for magazines and books; including Weed World UK, Cannabis Now, and anthologies by Ed Rosenthal. A maker of fine quality Hashish, Duchess has appeared on VICELAND’s “Bong Appetit,” filmed educational and entertainment segments for Greenflower Media, and she regularly journeys nationally and internationally to cannabis friendly locales to expand her knowledge, to host educational parties, and to help spread cannabis awareness.

For her, it all begins with the plant. Duchess started as a closet grower in the East Coast; surreptitiously coaxing magic from poor genetics and even worse growing conditions. In effort to enhance the knowledge she gained from websites and magazines, in 2013 she attended Oaksterdam University where she was co-valedictorian of her class . Since moving to the West Coast in 2014, her small garden has graduated to dozens of outdoor plants that have been photographed for magazines, calendars, and websites. From these plants she makes full melt Hashish, daily morning smoothies, topical products such as balms, bath bombs, and bath melts, and tasty desserts.”

Queen Dank, we love you and we thank you here at Clear As Smoke. Blogees, make sure to keep up with her by checking the links below! Enjoy your week and stay elevated!




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