ILLINOIS Senate Says Yes To Rec! And I’m On The Fence!

We’re almost there blogees! Illinois just became one step closer to becoming the 11th recreational cannabis state in America. Buuut, there are some factors got left out of the bill that is making its way back to the House. The bipartisan vote was 38-17, and Governor J.B. Pritzker is urging the House to move swiftly.

So swiftly, groups fighting for aggressive equity and restoration programs had little time to review the bill for approval or opponent. Sneaky sneaky Illinois!

Here’s the main meat of the rec bill sandwich: Residents age 21 and older will legally be able to possess 30 grams of cannabis, 5 grams of cannabis concentrate or 500 milligrams of THC contained in a cannabis-infused product. Nonresidents could possess 15 grams of cannabis.

Class 4 felony and misdemeanor charges of cannabis would be pardoned, apparently, and a new licensing and dispensary system would be established. So far…so good. Plus medical patients get to grow plants at home.

What I’m NOT feeling is:

  • No home grow for non-patients
  • Zero tolerance cannabis use for employers and landlords
  • Medical cannabis companies get first dibs at license
  • No public consumption
  • Local jurisdiction of cannabis law
  • Can’t be transported

I also think the cost of license application should come down. And on a Federal level, you still can’t drive with it. So it will be legal, but limited.

We shall see. The House is deciding as we speak. Will I endorse it? Nah. It has work to do. But I am elated for the progress, so let’s get it!

Fill out a witness slip, the decision goes down at 7pm tonight:

Go elevate!

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