#WCW-Candace “Kandeaux The Farm Plug” Clark

Hello and high my lovely loyal blogees!

I am so excited about this week’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature. I met her online (remember folks, stay social if you want to get noticed in cannabis!) and she ended up taking one of my dispensary agent training courses. I learned so much about what she does and her endeavors in cannabis, so it was only right to feature. Candace Clark, lovingly known as Kandeaux the Farm Plug, is a sustainable agricultural educator and intersectional advocate and founder of Kandeaux and Associates. Additionally she’s an advocate for SMART, or Students Marijuana Alliance for Research and Transparency.


​​A graduate of The Piney Woods School, a historically black boarding school, Candace Clark is a Tuskegee University Alumna from Chicago, IL; with a BS in Agricultural Business with a focus on sustainability and a certificate in International Relations, as well as a former USDA 1890 Scholar. Her experiences abroad as an African American woman cultivated her internal obligation to serve her community and those like it abroad.​​

​​Aware of racial injustices, she views them- and their potential solutions- from a political, agroecological lens. She hopes to empower developing communities by learning and being a medium for sustainable agricultural techniques to small and middle farmers, internationally. Although the role of agriculture is not widely embraced, she seeks to reconnect Agriculture to her generation, and her culture to the world, through agriculture and sustainable practices.​​ She is currently enrolled at American University’s School of International Service pursuing her MA’s in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development.

This sis is reconnecting her people back to the land, how dope is that?

Find Candace on social media and her site. Don’t forget to support your local chapter of SMART and hit up The Farm Plug herself to start a chapter on an HBCU campus. She’s doing work, and I can’t wait to learn more from her.

This week, plant a seed for The Farm Plug, and put one in the air! Much gratitude to you Candace, you are truly a Queen #WCW1


IG: kandeaux_the_farm_plug

FB: Kandeaux’s Couch

SMART: https://studentmmj.com

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