This week we will be keekeeying it up with the beautiful, driven, and beautifully driven Tangayika, CEO of Jayn Green and my new dental care product provider lol. I met her online, and was so amazed by her spirit and knowledge. Get that lunch warmed up, it's time to meet another queen in cannabis!

#TerpeneTuesday-Turnt Terpinolene

When it comes to nose action, you'll catch a whiff of flowers, citrus, and earthy notes. Basically a little bit of everything. As an additive found in many beauty and cleaning products, manufacturers use terpinolene to give products a "fresh" scent. Yup, that "mountain breeze" fabric softener you love probably has some amount of terpinolene. And there's nothing wrong with that.

So, What’s Next For Illinois?

On the heels of governor elect J.B. Pritzker's official inauguration into office on January 14, the conversation about cannabis is getting real. With the topic being one of his hot button campaign focuses, Pritzker promised Illinois voters to legalize recreational use along with expanding the medical cannabis program. 


Happy New Year and Habari Gani Blogees! (You say eee-mah-nee) We made it! And with imani, or faith, we shall go even firther! The last Kwanzaa principle teaches us to have confidence in our work and our efforts. To know we put our best and most into the fight for legalization and reformation. We have …


Habari gani blogees! (You say Koo-oom-buh) It's a rainy, lazy New Year's Eve in Chicago. Perfect time to sit back, light up some sativa, and learn about kuumba, the sixth principle of Kwanzaa! Kuumba means creativity (thus, the sativa). With creativity, cannabis has advanced in every area imaginable. A new strain is created everyday. Cannabis …


Greetings Blogees! Another beautiful day of Kwanzaa celebration, and today's principle is Nia! Habari gani! You say nee-yuh! It means purpose. How easily we tend to forget our purpose, even in cannabis! With every minority business or organization, the purpose of increasing inclusion and equity is fulfilled. With every former conviction or misdemeanor erased, the …