#WCW-Amber Senter

Today's #WCW is Amber Senter, Executive Director and co-founder of Supernova Women and founder of Leisure Life, a lifestyle and infused edibles company (ooooh!). This sista has a dispensary license and knowledge in cultivation, not to mention a powerhouse advocate for diversity and equity in cannabis!

A Word…

Good morning blogees! Y'all off work today? Yeah me either lol but there's much to get done this week! Before we get to that, however, ust address a topic I usually leave alone unless prompted. This weekend I was mad prompted yo. So to make sure everyone understands my position on POC allying with non-POC …

Happy Valentine’s Day From Clear As Smoke!

Greetings Blogees! Just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you for following my blog and being awesome individuals! Stay tuned to CAS for events, contents, and of course information. Why? You kn the mantra! "Because cannabis knowledge is for everyone." Peace and bud!

#WCW-Cimone Casson

This week I'm chopping it up with Cimone Casson aka The Cash Counselor! Ok she's a beast ya'll, and this #WCW is serving ALL the cannabis investment tea! Cimone, of Cimone Casson LLC of course, is a cannabis investor, financial advisor, author, and speaker.

Happy Black History Month!

Greetings blogees! Here at Clear As Smoke we celebrate and honor Black history today, this month, and everyday! Use this month to learn about prominent figures in Black history and those blazing trails in every industry, including cannabis. Peace and bud, enjoy your weekend!