Don’t Blush, It’s Time For Some Weed Porn.

High and Happy 420 Eve! What's a cannabis celebration without some sexy sativas, hot hybrids, and intoxicating indicas to light up your page! Plus some extras, of course! If you Google "weed porn," you'll definitely get an array of image results. In the adult entertainment industry, weed consumption is incorporated with, ahem, scenes or poses.  …

#WCW-Robin Ann Morris (Audio)

Unemployment sucks. ESPECIALLY when you've decided to enter an industry you're passionate about. But it's absolutely possible, even if you aren't in a legal state! And I met a phenomenal woman who is going to give you insight on just that.

Happy #420 Week!

Since 420 is officially in the future, let's start with the past. How cannabis got to this point of needing decriminalization, new policies, etc. Harry muthafuckin Anslinger.

What’s Up, Doc?

You're half-naked, bare bottomed on a long strip of paper covering a cold cushioned table. Some cold, metal object is poking and prying your unmentionable sections when you're asked, "Do you, or have you ever, taken recreational drugs?"