#WCW-Intro To Investing In Cannabis With Cimone Casson

Recently the M4MM Illinois chapter was privileged to host Cimone for an online engagement and introduction to investing in cannabis stocks. So I thought, hmm...how dope would  it be to switch it up for the one time on Women in Cannabis Wednesday? Very dope indeed. No interview today, just education. So get your notebook ready and enjoy An Introduction To Investing In Cannabis With Cimone Casson!

#WCW-Alaina Dorsey

Alaina “CannaLaina” Dorsey is a freelance cannabis marketing writer based in Baltimore, MD. Additionally she has contributed to Leafly and owns Creative Ether. BOSS. She's quirky, dope, and we both like cereal for dinner out of preference and survival lol.

#WCW-Nicole Dillard

Hello and High my lovely loyal blogees! Spring isn't the only thing you've been waiting on, and I've got your Clear As Smoke's Women in Cannabis feature right here, right now! Meet Nicole Dillard, founder and creator of Sativah Sistahs and an advocate for the POC cannabis community! Through her website, interviews, and dope gear, …

Cannabis Legalization Town Hall at Olive Harvey College

Greetings blogees, Last night I attended a well hosted town hall discussion panel at Olive-Harvey College on Chicago's South Side. Being the same college where I earned my Associate's Degree, I would have never thought I'd see a discussion of this nature at my school. Cray and wonderful. Here's what happened: The panel was led …