#WCW-Dr. Felecia Dawson

So I am honored to bring on powerful Black women who are professionals in the medical field, like this week's Women in Cannabis Wednesday feature! This week's #WCW is Dr. Felecia L. Dawson, founder of Women for Women and the first physician in Georgia to be board certified in holisitc medicine!

May: The Last Session

On Saturday, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that he officially plans to legalize recreational cannabis. You may know this already, given he basically rode the legalization wave all the way into office. But this time, he's reached an agreement with Illinois lawmakers and yesterday the big measure was introduced. This is what it's laying out for the Land of Lincoln:

HAPPY 420!!!

Happy Holidaze my lovely loyal blogees. Thank you for rocking with me and enjoying my cannabis content. Much more to come so stay tuned and tell friends to follow... After that friend hurries up and passes the joint. No babysitting blunts today people lol! Peace and Bud!

#WCW-Intro To Investing In Cannabis With Cimone Casson

Recently the M4MM Illinois chapter was privileged to host Cimone for an online engagement and introduction to investing in cannabis stocks. So I thought, hmm...how dope would  it be to switch it up for the one time on Women in Cannabis Wednesday? Very dope indeed. No interview today, just education. So get your notebook ready and enjoy An Introduction To Investing In Cannabis With Cimone Casson!