Happy Black History Month!

Greetings blogees! Here at Clear As Smoke we celebrate and honor Black history today, this month, and everyday! Use this month to learn about prominent figures in Black history and those blazing trails in every industry, including cannabis. Peace and bud, enjoy your weekend!

Cannabis Help For The Furloughed

BudTrader will be the first social media company to donate cannabis, as many other companies in and out of cannabis have donated items living necessities and money. They are looking to pair with other dispensaries around the country to extend the charity to other states. 

#WCW-Mampho Thulo

Welcome to Women in Cannabis Wednesdays! This week's #WCW is the Director of the RSDA and cannabis cultivator, Mampho Thulo!  She grows medical cannabis in her home village of Mapoteng, Lesotho. In 2017, the South African country was the first to legalize medical cannabis cultivation.


This week we will be keekeeying it up with the beautiful, driven, and beautifully driven Tangayika, CEO of Jayn Green and my new dental care product provider lol. I met her online, and was so amazed by her spirit and knowledge. Get that lunch warmed up, it's time to meet another queen in cannabis!

#TerpeneTuesday-Turnt Terpinolene

When it comes to nose action, you'll catch a whiff of flowers, citrus, and earthy notes. Basically a little bit of everything. As an additive found in many beauty and cleaning products, manufacturers use terpinolene to give products a "fresh" scent. Yup, that "mountain breeze" fabric softener you love probably has some amount of terpinolene. And there's nothing wrong with that.