Cannabis Help For The Furloughed

BudTrader will be the first social media company to donate cannabis, as many other companies in and out of cannabis have donated items living necessities and money. They are looking to pair with other dispensaries around the country to extend the charity to other states. 

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Happy October blogees! This month is very special because around the world, people are rocking pink and showing love for breast cancer survivors and victims. Clear As Smoke is here to remind you that yes, cannabis aids in the relief of symptoms from breast cancer too!

What’s Up, Doc?

You're half-naked, bare bottomed on a long strip of paper covering a cold cushioned table. Some cold, metal object is poking and prying your unmentionable sections when you're asked, "Do you, or have you ever, taken recreational drugs?"

#WCW-Andrea Drummer

High there lovely blogees, how's it floatin? I'm dancing while I type this because it is the BOMB day of the week, oh yes, Women in Cannabis Wednesday. This week I'm excited to feature Andrea Drummer, cannabis chef and industry pioneer. Let's get to it! You may have seen her on Viceland, Chelsea Handler, and …